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Where in Europe it is easier and cheaper to get residence permit?

It is well known, that a temporary residence permit through the purchase of real estate gives its holders a lot of substantial advantages, including:

the opportunity to stay in the country without limitation, to visit some countries without applying for a visa before the trip, and later - the right to apply for permanent residence permit including the possibility of obtaining citizenship in future and much more.

However, the required amount of investments in real estate, investment attractiveness and also the complexity of the process of obtaining temporary residence permit significantly vary in defferent European countries:

1. France – 10 millions euros;
2. United Kingdom – 2 millions euros;
3. Ireland – 1 million euros;
4. Portugal – 500 thousand euros;
5. Spain– 500 thousand euros;
6. Andora – 400 thousand euros;
7. Bulgary – 300 thousand euros;
8. Cyprus – 300 thousand euros;
9. Latvia – 250 thousand euros within one month from the date of purchase of real estate;
10. Greece– 250 thousand euros;
11. Malta – 220 thousand euros;