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Покупка коммерческого обьекта в Риге.
Сергей Колесник, Россия.
Ирина! С прошедшими вас праздниками! Спасибо за сделку, вы были терпеливы и нацелены на результат.
Это и принесло свои плоды, нам было комфортно с вами работать!!! Надемся на дальнейшее сотрудничество! Ещё раз спасибо!!!
Покупка квартиры в Риге.
Наталья Чистова, Россия.
Работать с Юлией Барсуковой было очень приятно. Она оперативно подбирала и подготавливала к просмотру варианты квартир. Сопровождение сделки тоже было на высшем уровне. Спасибо Юлии и её коллеге Ольге.
Квартира в Риге.
Алексей Лихачёв, Латвия.
Отличный сервис! Быстро, открыто и качественно.
Apartment rent in Riga.
Jakub Spryngl, Prague.
I received assistance while looking for long-term rent in Riga and very much appreciated the flexibility and professionalism of Olga Zagainova. In case I would require assistance in the future I would gladly ask for help again.
Покупка квартир в Риге.
Natalia I Sergei, Rossija.
С Новым годом и Рождеством, дорогая Ирина!
Спасибо Вам и Вашей компании за хорошую работу и сердечное участие!
Удачи!!! Сергей и Наталья
Apartment rent in Riga.
Richard Comtois, Canada.
I really liked the service provided by both Paulina and Julia. They really know the city and were able to recommend places close to my workplace. I had many places for consideration because Julia provided many options. Paulina was very punctual and handled negotiations with the landlords in a professional and courteous manner. She even negotiated a small price reduction on my apartment which was a nice gesture. I would definitely recommend both Julia and Paulina from Mercury group.
Dzīvoklis Rigā.
Gunta Skalberga, Latvia.
Brokeri Alīnu vērtēju kā pozitīvu un atsaucīgu. Piedāvātais īpašums pilnībā apmierina. Komunikācija ir operatīva un atsaucīga.
Apartment rent in Riga.
Neal Anthony Breen, Ireland.
I have just today moved into my new apartment after numerous viewings and specific requests by myself. I was dealing with Olga and she was and is a star that any expat moving to Riga and looking for property use only Olga.
She was always positive and helpful. Thank you!
Private house for rent in Riga.
Sarah Mummert, USA.
We had a wonderful relationship with this company and our realtor Aline. She kept in close contact and communicating for many months before w arrived. Once we arrived, she was quickly able to have houses agents living slaves ready to store us and tirelessly showed us options. She knew just what we were looking for and helped us find a great house.
Not only that, but she was very happy to answer our many questions and ease our concerns about our new city!
Apartment rent in Riga, Old Town.
Really pleased with the whole service. I needed a flat in the old town and received some suggestions from Melina quite quickly. There were no problems with communication and she was very punctual. She helped with everything that was needed and would recommend.
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