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First Latvian visa application center in China opened in Beijing


On May 20th, the first Latvian visa application center in Beijing is inaugurated, established in cooperation with an outsourcing services company, VFS Global.

In the near future, visa centers will begin receiving visa applications not only in Beijing, but also in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Latvian visa centers are to be opened in another 11 Chinese cities by the end of the year. The visa centers will make it easier for foreigners in various provinces across China to apply for Latvian visas and submit documents closer to their place of residence.

Cooperation with VFS Global envisages that visa applicants will be able to submit their application at the visa centers, having booked appointments at the time of their convenience. The documents will be forwarded to the Embassy of Latvia in Beijing for review. The visa centers will also offer other services, including consultation on the documents required, filling in the visa application form electronically, copying, taking photographs, drawing up insurance, and delivery of the passport to the applicant’s place of residence, thereby rendering easier the process of issuing a visa, the ministry points out.