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For owners

Sell your property!

If you have a property that you want to let or sell, Mercury Group Estate will do it for you!

The situation in the real estate market is sometimes so unpredictable that a person who wants to sell a house, or let an apartment, is often faced with countless difficulties in sorting out prices and accepting offers from potential buyers, as well as in evaluating the possibilities of a quick sale or lease.

The owner can face a lot of problems, such as:

- where and how to offer your property on the market?
- where to find buyers or tenants?
- which company to contact?
- how to conclude a deal?
- how to conclude a lease or purchase contract legally and correctly?
- how long to wait for a buyer?
- whether the desired price matches the property?
- how to check the reliability of the buyer and the validity of documents?

Therefore, it is nearly impossible to cope without the assistance of professional and experienced experts. We have our own database of customers/tenants/investors and know exactly what properties to offer them.


We can help you to sell any property, including:

- residential properties (apartments, houses, villas, mansions, estates, townhouses, etc.)
- commercial properties (shops, offices, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, etc.);
- investment properties (houses, industrial properties, land parcels for construction projects, housing estates or commercial properties in Rīga, the Rīga Region and Jūrmala).

Our services for property owners:

- we will advise you on the real estate sale and rental markets;
- we work with exclusive luxury-class properties;
- we will find a real buyer for your property;
- we will perform a valuation of the market value of your real estate – based on the real price of your property;

- we will offer options for the most efficient use of your property – for rental or for sale;

- we will provide legal support throughout all stages of the deal, including: legal advice, the provision of contracts, notary services for signing an earnest agreement or a purchase contract, coordination of the actions of all participants, etc.;

- we will provide advice and assistance in the provision of houses and apartments with all necessary for letting (requirements to hardware, amenities, repairs, furnishing, servicing, sanitary norms, etc.);

- we will provide advice on matters related to Latvian legislation regarding real estate transactions, taxation, title transfers, registration of documents in the Land Register, etc.

We specialise in sales of any kind of property, except for serial housing. We will select the best options for using your property – whether it is for sale, lease or short-term rental and will advertise your property accordingly. You only need to fill out an application form and accurately provide us with as much information as possible and, most certainly, your contact information, so that our property professional can contact you as soon as possible.


We are looking forward to our collaboration! Perhaps another of our customers is looking for just your property!


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