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Our company works closely with many large and stable Latvian banks to offer favourable loans for purchasing real estate. This service is especially useful for non-residents since all issues regarding a mortgage will be resolved in the shortest possible time and with the most favourable terms.

The growing demand for loans is directly related to amendments of the Immigration Law, adopted in 2010, according to which foreign nationals have an opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit for 5 years and a Schengen visa, in exchange for investments and the purchasing of real estate inLatvia. Because of this, the list of bank services for non-residents has grown significantly, and the process for obtaining a loan has become more accessible and simplified.

In cooperation with the banks, we will settle all formalities related to obtaining a loan, and will provide you with all the necessary information about the required documents, as well as choosing the loan terms that are most favourable for you, in virtually no time at all.

Basic conditions*:

Terms and conditions:

- Minimal loan sum: EUR 20 000, the USD equivalent;
- Loan sum – up to 75% of the collateral market value, performed by company accepted by bank (in case of real estate purchase);
- Loan term – up to 20 years (in case of real estate purchase);
- Interest rate for use of the loan - starting from 4,65% + 6M Euribor/USD Libor;
- Commission for the execution of a new mortgage loan – 1,5-2% of the loan sum;
- Commission for the execution of an escrow account – from EUR 71,-

Necessary documents for loan applications:

- A bank customer's form, a loan application,  and an application for opening a current account;
- Income documents: a document confirming your income, such as an NDFL2 form, bank account statements for the last 6 months, and a certificate from your place of employment;
- A valuation of the property to be purchased by the company agreed with the bank;
- Other documents may also be required: completed form of Application for Guarantee acceptance, draft of the Purchase agreement or Letter of intent.

* Please note that the basic conditions presented afore may vary in different banks and are informative only.  Detailed information is available during the  consultation in the specific bank when applying for a mortgage loan.


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