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Albert Avancena, USA.
Bogdana was very helpful and great to work with. I initially contacted her after finding an apartment listing in Riga. I was looking for a furnished/serviced apartment for a short term assignment in Latvia. I contacted Bogdana via email and she replied right away. Unfortunately the apartment that I asked about was no longer available, but she asked for more details regarding what I was looking for and quickly replied with some options. We arranged some viewings and I selected an apartment. I explained to her that all items needed to worked though my Company's relocation service provider and she said this would not be a problem. After detailing some items and services that were to be included with the rent, all was finalized and my family and I were able to secure the apartment. On our arrival, Bogdana was again available to help translate and make sure we were settled. She did an amazing job and we are very happy with our apartment. I highly recommend contacting her if you are looking for a place in Riga.
Apartment search - excellent service provided, 2017
Serhat Culha, Turkey.
Paulina was very kind and helpfull to me. She helped me to get the right apartment and thanks to her i am full happy with my new life in Riga!
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017
Sighvatur Bjarnason, Iceland.
We were moving to Riga and looking for an apartment, we found the Mercury Group and we were so lucky that Natalia was our contact. She did a tremendous job searching for what we wanted, always ready to give a good service, replying to e mails any day of the week and taking us to house visits any day of the week. All in all we got a great service and we would recommend everyone to contact Mercury Group when looking for a home in Riga. Natalia thank you for your excellent service.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017
Daria Lashkevich, Russia.
Thank you so much for help in seeking an apartment in Riga. We had chosen an apartment before arriving to Riga, but we didn't like it when we arrived to signing the agreement. After that Paulina proposed us other variant and we were able to sign all papers in the shortest time. And, by the way, Paulina helped with a providing of internet in the apartment. Nowadays we enjoy our new home and only thanking Paulina I can make this comment :)
Rent an apartment in Riga, 2017
Anna Venderova, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.
Спасибо Mercury Group, а в особенности Паулине. Помогла подобрать квартиру, показала местную кухню, помогла с симкой, рассказала многое о местном быте. Спасибо еще раз за оказанные услуги.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia. , 2017
Денис Ефремов. Украина
Хочу сказать большое спасибо Mercury Group и особенно Паулине за хорошую работу и человеческое отношение. Связались со мной и подобрали квартиру когда я еще был в Украине, все что мне оставалось, это приехать в Ригу и посмотреть квартиры. К сожалению квартира, которая мне понравилась была до вечера занята и мне нужно было ждать. Паулина оказала человеческое отношение, не оставляя меня одного, показала где ближайшие магазины в которых можно купить необходимые вещи/продукты что помогло мне хоть немного освоиться на новом месте. Большое вам спасибо!
Квартира в Риге., 2017
Frederick Fooy, Sweden.
Natalia has been an excellent agent, professional, courteous and punctual. I will gladly recommend her to anyone looking for an abode in Riga.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017
Hüseyin Çavdar, Turkey.
Paulina did a perfect job during my search for a long term rent. She updated the search results and responded quickly each time I requested for more options. And she achieved to find a great apartment that is satisfying all my requirements. I am quite happy with the apartment and it was really great to work with Paulina during this process. I am grateful to her for her help and guidance.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017
Omer Ucan, Turkey.
I thank Mercury Group Estate and particularly Paulina for the help and support they provided. They found a beautiful and cozy apartment in a good neighborhood in Riga. Thanks and all the best!
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017
Рогова Екатерина, Россия.
Хочу поблагодарить Mercury Group Estate Latvia в лице Наталии за помощь в приобретении квартиры в Юрмале. В кратчайшие сроки предоставили возможность посмотреть большое количество подходящих вариантов и сопроводили сделку от начала до конца, оказав максимальное участие и поддержку!
Квартира в Юрмале, Лиелупе., 2017