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Santa Dombrovska, Latvija.
Paldies Alīnai Mercai par īres klienta piesaisti.
Lai gan lielus dzīvokļus izīrēt nav tik vienkārši, Alīna atrada mums īrniekus ļoti ātri un operatīvi. Trešdienā - potenciālais klients apskatīja dzīvokli, piektdienā jau parakstījām līgumu. Tas viss notika pateicoties Alīnas darba spējām, strādātpriekam un optimismam. Viņa nežēloja pūles un strādāja pat vēlās vakara stundās, lai taptu īres līgums.
I am very grateful to Alina Merca for finding us a tenant in a very short time.
I am also truly impressed with the speed of completion of the paperwork. A potential tenant came to view our property on Wednesday and we have signed a Letting Agreement on Friday. This was possible as Alina worked hard and out of hours so that the deal could happen.
There are not that many Estate Agents who would have such a great work ethic and would be prepared "to go an extra mile" as Alina did.
Alina, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Īres klienta piesaiste., 2018
Азад Бабаев, Россия.
Выражаю огромную благодарность Алине Мерцa за её профессионализм и правильный подход к клиентам, уверен что мы ещё обратимся к ней по аренде и покупке недвижимости. Огромное спасибо !!!
Долгосрочная аренда квартиры люкс класса в Посольском районе Риги., 2018
Султангалиева Алтынай, Казахстан.
Хочу поблагодарить ваше агенство и в частности Наталью! Спасибо Вам большое за помощь в поиске квартиры, все было очень организованно, четко и максимально комфортно. Наталья быстро поняла какие проекты нас интересуют в большей степени, на наш выбор совершенно никак не влияла, не навязывала свое мнение, честно предупреждала о тех или иных минусах разных объектов. Очень рекомендую!
Покупка квартиры в Риге., 2018
Hally Booth,UK.
Me and my partner Jack dealt with Melina when looking for a property to rent. We were moving from the UK to Riga so we really had to lean on Melina in regards to location/properties etc. From the start Melina was very professional, she responded very quickly and thoroughly. She made the move so much easier and I could not recommend her enough, she was an absolutely joy to deal with. Even after we found a property she continues to help with any small problems or questions we may have. I would like to thank her for going above and beyond.
Melina , 2018
Jack Laws, UK.
Melina was very helpful throughout looking for new accommodation, coming up with great ideas and pieces of information that I would need as a new person in the country.
Very good communication.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Наталия, Швейцария.
Когда я решила купить квартиру в Риге, обратилась за помощью к Наталье Майдановой (риэлтор "Mercury Group"), объяснив все свои пожелания. По приезду в город мне были показаны объекты, среди которых в течение недели я выбрала свой вариант.
Очень довольна своей квартирой, а это значит, что Наталья выполнила свою работу очень хорошо, быстро, профессионально, подобрав ту квартиру, которая отвечала всем моим требованиям. Работа была проведена четко, быстро, были проработаны все детали заказа. Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Наталье за чуткость, внимание, профессионализм, конкретику в деталях, быстрое реагирование и владение информацией.
Если мне ещё понадобится помощь с недвижимостью, я опять обращусь к ней, а вообще всем рекомендую это агенство, а особенно Наталью. Ещё раз большое спасибо!
Квартира в Риге., 2018
Gisela Wahl, Germany.
I looked for a rental apartment in Riga a few weeks ago, my agent was Paulina Oleinikova. My experiences were really great and I got all the important information about available apartments before my trip to Riga. Paulina discussed my preferences with me and I got plenty of good suggestions. While my stay in Riga, Paulina accompanied me and tried to find the right solution for me with great patience and flexibility. I can really recommend her and am very happy about the service I experienced. During her holidays, Julija Barsukova took over and helped me with the last questions regarding the rental agreement. Thanks to both of them for the great and friendly service! I will definitely recommend them to my colleagues.
2 bedroom apartment, Ausekla iela., 2018
Sezer Saruhan
Hello i was coming from istanbul and very thanks to Paulina everything was just so smooth i was planing to move with my dog that was a extra situation with paulina's help it was really easy for me even she has no responsibility about the internet connection and mobile she also helped me about these kind of stuff thanks to paulina everything become so easy :)
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Zoia, Ukraine.
I didn't expect that the search of the apartment in the new country and city for us will turn out to be such an easy and pleasant process. And all of this thanks to Paulina Oleinikova. It took us only 2 days to find an apartment that fully meets our expectations (including such not an easy request as a possibility to live with pets). Paulina helped us not only with the apartment but with the lease agreement, answered our questions about the city and country, helped us feel comfortable during the search process. I can say for sure that we were lucky to meet and cooperate with Paulina. Thank you so much for your professionalism and responsiveness!
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2018
Aleksandrs, Latvija.
Профессиональный, внимательный сервис. Отдельная благодарность Алине за внимательное отношение к клиенту.
Покупка квартиры в Юрмале., 2018