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Helve, Ewan, AnnMari, Eric
Sveicināti! Mēs tikai gribējām pateikt paldies un dzīvoklis mums ļoti patika. Bija prieks ar jums sadarboties un noteikti izmantosim jūsu pakalpojumus atkal.
Dzīvoklis, 2000
Alexandre Shengelia
" ia ochen dovolen vashimi uslugami v Rige, xoroshaia firma, udobnie kvartiri, i normalnie ceni, budu sotrudnichat dalshe. Alexandre Shengelia"
Apartment, 2007
Kati, Teemu
"We had a nice weekend in Riga in this nice apartment on Elizabetes street!
Thank You!
Kati, Teemu
Timo, Sara
From Finland"
Apartment, 2007
Remi Waage
The apartment was great and I loved the stay here in Riga.
Best Regards,
Remi Waage
Apartment, 2000
Mario Luciano
Dear Irina, thank you for your great job! And my best compliment for Julia , your have a great help with her , she is very nice with customer and very professional.
Long term rent, 2010
Thank you again for your assistance! I like the place very much and all is ok. I'll make sure that I recommend you if somebody else will be looking for a short- or long term stay in Riga.
Stephen Anderson
Dear Irina, I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality during my recent stay.
I've just submitted my rating of your accommodation with recommendations to subsequent visitors.
The apartment was ideal for our visit and the location excellent. I hope that we did not leave too much to clean up. Thanks again.
Short term rent, 2009
Paldies! Bija ļoti patīkami padzīvot vecrīgā. Dzīvoklīts ļoti majīgs, ērts un skaistā vietā. Ceru ne pedējo reizi šeit apmētīšos.
Short term rent, 2009
Thank you for making our stay in Riga enjoyable. The apartment could not have been in a better location - making it easy to see many sights. I would definitely recommend it to friends travelling to Riga. many thanks!
Short term rent, 2009
Angela and Neil
Apartment ID 23 was big, very central. Great service. Received fast reply on all questions. Would definately recommend!
Short term rent, 2009