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User’s Agreement

1. The rules for using the portal estatelatvia.com and the services of the company "Mercury Group " are mandatory for all users of the previously mentioned portal (hereinafter referred to as the "Client").

2. SIA "Mercury Group " has the right at any time to change the content or terms of use of the Internet portal and the procedure for obtaining services directly from SIA "Mercury Group " and partners with which "Mercury Group " Ltd. previously contracted cooperation in providing services to the Client.

3. The relevance and characteristics of objects that are published on the portal estatelatvia.com can be changed at any time without special warnings. SIA "Mercury Group " is not responsible for changes that are made by official representatives of the services - further Partners.

4. SIA "Mercury Group " has the right to block access to the portal estatelatvia.com without prior warning or consent to protect the rights and legitimate interests of others or comply with the requirements of regulations.

5. SIA "Mercury Group " has the right to suspend or completely stop the Internet portal estatelatvia.com at any time without prior warning.

6. The copyright for the content of estatelatvia.com (including original texts, photographs, video, etc.) belongs to SIA "Mercury Group" or to third parties who authorized the publication of the content.

7. Re-publication, copying, or adaptation of any content of the Internet portal estatelatvia.com without the written permission of SIA "Mercury Group " is prohibited.

8. The client must comply with the rules of using the portal mgroupestate.com, not violate the rights of SIA "Mercury Group " and/or third parties, provide reliable information about themselves, use secure electronic communications and data transmission facilities, and not spread viruses, which can interfere with the portal.

9. The client is obliged to immediately inform SIA "Mercury Group " if the Client has learned that the Customer's data is being used or may be used by third parties.

10. The customer agrees that SIA "Mercury Group " is not responsible for any negative consequences that the actions described in the rules of using the portal can cause and refuse to make any claims about this.

11 Managers of SIA "Mercury Group" search and select properties in Europe, Latvia, in accordance with the parameters and requirements specified by the Client.

12. Managers of SIA "Mercury Group " have the right to transfer the Client's contacts to the Partner on the basis of a partnership agreement (a signed agreement) to provide services for the sale of real estate of any kind, as well as related areas of activity.

13. The client has the right to inform the property sales manager about changing the parameters of the property requirements that the Client is interested in purchasing through the services provided by SIA "Mercury Group " and partner companies of SIA "Mercury Group ".

14. The client undertakes to provide information to the Manager of the company "Mercury Group " about all interactions with the partner company "Mercury Group " and to report on the stage of work, the transaction for the purchase/sale/lease of real estate, without hiding any information, compromising mutual cooperation of the partner and SIA "Mercury Group ".

15. The agreement between the Client and the company "Mercury Group" comes into force after confirming of the contact information and information on request or leaving the official application directly on the portal estatelatvia.com through a special form or live chat. Each of the Parties has the right to refuse to execute this Agreement by warning the other by e-mail and/or telephone.

16. The use of the portal, proceeding of official requests, and direct contact with employees of the company "Mercury Group " via e-mail, telephone, Skype, and telephone applications are considered as a confirmation that the User has fully read, understands and agrees with the rules of using the portal and the rules of real estate services acceptance either from the partners of the company "Mercury Group ", or through the intermediation of SIA "Mercury Group".

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