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Fast, free and convenient selection of real estate in Latvia


Mercury Group - your trusted partner in the world of real estate and creating comfortable conditions for living and investing.
We specialize in working with non-residents, offering a wide range of services related to purchasing property in Latvia. But we also redefine the art of luxury living and investment with our unparalleled concierge service.  We do not just offer services; we craft bespoke experiences tailored to your every need and desire.

Our objective is to provide you with a stay in Lavia marked by unparalleled comfort, unwavering reliability, and exceptional service.

For whom is the Mercury Group concierge service intended?

• For individuals with urgent inquiries requiring immediate solutions.
For investors looking to invest funds in development projects in Latvia
• International citizens embarking on a new chapter in a foreign land, where every detail counts

Our suite of services:

At Mercury Group, we go beyond the mere task of finding you a house, we specialize in creating optimal conditions for living and investing. Our team of experts guarantees a full-service, high-quality experience, offering professional guidance that's tailored to your specific needs.

A comprehensive range of services that encompass every aspect of your journey:
  • Selection of luxury housing for short-term/long-term rent.
  • Curated investment tours and real estate market insights, personalized to your preferences.
  • Acquisition and divestment of premium and luxury residential properties.
  • Selection of commercial properties suitable for rental income or your business.
  • Buying and selling premium and luxury residential properties.
  • Selection of commercial properties for rental income or your business needs.
  • Co-investment opportunities.
  • Assessment and organization of developer projects search
  • Expertise in acquiring residence permit
  • Recommendations for top accommodations in hotels or apartments
  • Effortless airport transfers to ensure a smooth arrival and departure
  • Access to luxury cars and yachts, whether for purchase or rental
  • Expert guidance on educational institutions and hassle-free enrollment for your children
  • Impeccable legal support for all your real estate and relocation queries.
  • Coordinated medical assistance, including referrals to renowned medical facilities.
  • Post-sales support, managing rentals, negotiating new contracts, and addressing legal and practical concerns.
  • Insightful tour guides for property viewings, providing in-depth knowledge of the chosen location.
  • Engaging professional guides for a more in-depth exploration of Latvian cities.
  • Handpicked dining experiences, local events, and regional attractions to enhance your visit.
  • Connections to top-tier professionals for home enhancement, from interior designers to architects…

And much more, encompassing everything you may need when relocating or investing in Latvia.
Our concierge services are a complimentary offer for our valued buyers and investors.

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