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Federico Palmieri, Italy.
(ENGLISH) I have really much appreciated the assistance provided by Mercury Group's Kristina Toconova during my search for an apartment for rent in Riga. Since our very first contacts, Kristina has showed extraordinary skills and empathy. In a very short time period, she managed to provide me with a wide range of potential apartments that were all very much in line with my needs and taste. When visiting the apartments, Kristina has proven to be a very useful resource for me since she contributed to my evaluations and judgments with her own perspective and deep knowledge of the local real estate market. Once we identified the right apartment for me, Kristina took care of all the legal aspects connected with the drafting of the agreement with great attention and responsiveness. She was also very flexible and effective in acting as an intermediary between me and the apartment’s owner. In conclusion, I would like to underline one aspect of Kristina’s professionalism I have really appreciated: her language skills. Apart from her full command of the English language, she also speaks good Italian: this is an element that - especially in my capacity as Deputy Head of Mission at the Italian Embassy in Riga - I was really impressed with. Thank you for the assistance you have provided me with. I will sure direct my friends and colleagues to Mercury Group and Kristina for their real estate needs. (ITALIAN) Ho molto apprezzato l’assistenza della dott.ssa Kristina Toconova di Mercury Group nella mia ricerca di un appartamento in affitto a Riga. Sin dal primo contatto, Kristina ha dato prova di eccezionali capacità e straordinaria empatia, riuscendo in brevissimo tempo a sottopormi una serie di opzioni in linea con le mie esigenze e il mio gusto. Nel visitare insieme i diversi appartamenti, Kristina ha rappresentato una risorsa preziosa contribuendo alle mie valutazioni con la sua prospettiva e la sua conoscenza del mercato immobiliare lettone. Una volta individuato l’appartamento di mio interesse, Kristina ha dimostrato grande precisione e attenzione nella cura degli aspetti legati alla sottoscrizione del contratto, fungendo inoltre con grande efficacia da tramite fra me e il proprietario dell’alloggio. Tengo infine a sottolineare un aspetto che ho particolarmente apprezzato in Kristina: le sue capacità linguistiche. Ad una padronanza completa della lingua inglese, Kristina associa un’ottima conoscenza della lingua italiana che – in qualità di Vice Capo Missione presso l’Ambasciata d’Italia a Riga – ho avuto modo di apprezzare in maniera particolare. Nel ringraziare molto per l’assistenza che ho ricevuto, assicuro che non mancherò di segnalare Mercury Group e Kristina ad amici e colleghi intenzionati a cercare casa a Riga.
Apartment rental in Riga. , 2022
Märt Plakk, Estonia.
Despite the difficult requirements, I probably had, I found something close I was looking for. Of course, with help and support of Ksenia from Mercury Group my options widened significantly. It was a fruitful cooperation.
A house in Pinki, 2022
Daiva and Chris, Malta.
Our overall experience with estate agent Daria was excellent. She was responsive, helpful and had a good understanding what type of property we were looking for, providing us with several very good options to choose from. Daria was always very pleasant to communicate with.
Apartment rent in Riga., 2022
Evelin Liechti, Switzerland.
We would like to express our gratefulness and thanks for the excellent service provided to us through the Mercury Group, concretely Ms. Kristina Toconova. We highly appreciated her client-centered, attentive, professional, and committed work. A beautiful place to live we finally found thanks to her. As a family with young children coming from another country to Latvia, we were naturally anxious to find a nice and convenient place to live. Ms Kristina Toconova not only helped us to find the very best option for our family, she also knew how to conosol ous and give us the trust to be able to finding something that corresponds to our wishes through the whole process. We thank her very much for her work including the great flexibility to be present and there for us whenever we needed her. For us, she was one of the first people we met in Latvia and she made a wonderful and trustful first impression on us. Thank you again. We will heartely recommend you to our friends.
House rent., 2021
Надежда Шепель, Белорусия.
Выражаем глубокую признательность Кристине Точёновой за помощь в поиске квартиры в Риге. Для нас была проблема найти жилье, где арендодатель благосклонно относится к наличию домашнего питомца. После нескольких отказов мы обратились к Кристине, которая в течение нескольких дней подобрала для нас подходящие варианты. Из предложенных 4 вариантов нам было не так просто сделать выбор. Тем не менее за два дня вопрос с новым местом жительства был решен. Мы получили отличную квартиру. Кристина курировала подписание договора с владельцем квартиры, с вниманием и участием отнеслась к нашим сложностям. Мы не только остались довольны результатом, но и общением на протяжении всего времени поиска.
Квартира в Риге., 2022
Резеда, Россия.
Очень благодарна Вашей компании в лице Загайновой Ольги за профессиональное сопровождение подбора и приобретения недвижимости в Риге. Клиентоориентированность, квалифицированный подход, своевременная реакция на запросы, урегулирование вопросов в кратчайшие сроки, работа на результат - наивысшая оценка!
Квартира в центре Риги под сдачу в аренду., 2021
Sercan Ketenoglu.
Everything is very beautiful. Employees are very engaged. They help in all matters. We are very happy with everything. Thanks to everyone for their helpfulness.
Apartments for rent in Riga., 2021
Николай Н., Россия.
Недавно продал квартиру в Риге через Mercury Group в срок примерно пару недель с момента подачи запроса на продажу. Цена - в рынке, сделка прошла без сбоев. Уже не первый раз имею дело с этим агентством, всё нравится, рекомендую!
Квартира в центре Риги., 2021
Cafer Karakus, Netherland.
I would like to thank you to Olga for her help and profosality of her work. While I am not living in Latvia, she arrange and manage to find tenant in very short time for my two apartment which I bought in Riga. With her patience, kindness and professanility and background information about real estate gave me good feeling and I was complate trust to her for all advice and help to manage all necessary things to find good tenant. Ooo yes she was even in the weekend also busy to manage some work to finished the process as much as quicker. I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who wants to buy or rent apartment in Riga. Thank you Olga, thank you Mercury Group for the coorparation and hope have more coorporation in future.
Apartments for rent in Riga., 2021
Sofia Domingues, Portugal.
I would like to thank you to Ksenia. I´m really grateful for all the hard work she´ve done to help me finding a house in the precise location I wanted. She was always very prestative with my questions, efficient, quick with the answers and very professional. I would highly recommend her, since she made all this renting process so easy and painless. Couldn´t be more happier with the way everything worked out.
Apartment in Riga., 2021

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