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Factors of a “good” location


Homebuyers who choose the best locations will always own the most valuable properties

"Location, location, location" is a common mantra in real estate. And it's good advice — except for one thing: Most people have no idea what it means.

"Good" locations usually have a developed social infrastructure, transport accessibility, good schools and an ecological environment.

CEO of the international luxury real estate agency Mercury Group Ltd. Irina Alazova talks about the key location factors that you should pay attention to when buying real estate. But the main rule is: location is key to valuable real estate.

Developed infrastructure and transport accessibility

No matter how comfortable the area and the quality of the house, if the road from work and back takes 2-3 hours, then the demand for it will be lower. Even remote work does not save - you still need to go to the city. Today, within walking distance should be all commercial facilities and social institutions - clinics, kindergartens, shopping centers. An equally significant factor in choosing housing is the availability of parks, reservoirs, green areas within walking distance, as well as the availability of parking.

Nearest schools

Even if you don't have school-age children, the quality of schools remains an important factor. Owning real estate in a good school district is one of the best ways to maintain and increase its value.

Development prospects

Not only present conveniences are important, but also future ones. Plans for the construction of new schools, hospitals, public transport and other social infrastructure could significantly increase the value of real estate in the area.

Commercial development can also increase property value. When you buy a home, try to find out if new public, commercial, or residential buildings are being built, and consider how these additions might affect the attractiveness of the surrounding areas.

Environmental friendliness

An important role in choosing a location is played by its environmental friendliness. The emerging trend has been reinforced by the pandemic. It is important to see nature all year round, and not twice a year during the holidays. Recreational areas within residential projects are becoming a must have. And large windows, a panoramic loggia, an open terrace overlooking the water or green spaces make a long stay in the house more comfortable.

Security level

A simple truth, but few people study reports on the level of its security before choosing a location. Even the most trustworthy neighborhoods can have their “skeletons in the closet”. Therefore, do not be too lazy to conduct a small survey of the area before buying.

The Mercury Group team will select the best properties for you to suit your needs and preferences. We respect your time, so we are available 24/7!

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