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What is the difference between comfort, business, premium and elite class residential complexes


Buyers often do not see the difference between objects, for example, business and premium segment. What are people willing to pay more for? Let's figure it out

The comfort-class apartment is located in a residential area, has serial architecture and typical playgrounds.
Business class housing involves a non-central residential area, improved serial architecture, parking, playgrounds and sports grounds, and landscaping.
The premium class is distinguished by an individual exterior and interior, a lobby, the presence of non-standard layouts - duplex apartments and penthouses with a terrace, landscaping of the courtyard and infrastructure facilities on the territory: salons, clinics, fitness rooms with the possibility of entry for third parties.
It differs from business class in location: residential complexes of this segment are located in central areas, while business class may have a less favorable location - on the outskirts of a district or city. The second key difference is the smaller number of apartments in the building.
An elite class residence involves a house with a design project from a famous architect and a location in a prestigious area. The presence of a lobby with a concierge, a lounge area, duplex apartments and penthouses with a terrace.
It differs from the premium class by a small number of buildings, apartments and third-party access to the infrastructure of the complex: only residents, their guests and club members can visit restaurants, spas, a fitness room.

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