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What affects the value of real estate?


In addition to the obvious criteria - location, transport accessibility and infrastructure of the area, there are several more. CEO of the Mercury Group Irina Alazova explains the details.

Object status. Namely, the level of its exclusivity. This is a complex indicator that includes a premium location and the highest quality of construction.

Developed internal infrastructure - when a residential project includes everything you need for life: from kindergarten to fitness. Amenities such as a landscaped roof and yard, swimming pool, tennis court, and so on greatly increase the price and liquidity of real estate.

Panoramic apartments with a view - they are always more expensive. But this view may be blocked by a new building. Therefore, it is important to study the urban development plan before buying. When working with us, we will do it for you!

Prospect for the development of the location - if it is planned to build a transport hub (or metro), an embankment, or an important infrastructure facility (resort, concert hall) next to the project, then after the opening of these facilities, the cost of the apartment will increase.

Limited market offer - club-style projects often increase in price faster than complexes with a large number of apartments in the same location.

It is important to clarify that each individual item does not always work, but the Mercury Group team knows the real estate market in Europe, Asia, and the USA in detail and will evaluate everything as a whole! Just contact us and we will find the best properties for you!

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