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Hi! My name is Daria, I have been with the Mercury Group since 2017. I have a professional legal education, and I came to the real estate industry “at the call of my heart”. I have been looking for something that will really inspire and motivate me for a long time. Working for the Mercury Group is a very special way of life. I fell in love with it “from the first clients” and immediately realized that this is “mine”.

I especially appreciate inspiring communication with interesting people. I consider the ability to create a friendly and trusting atmosphere in communication with clients to be my valuable skill. With many clients, we continue to communicate and maintain warm relations even after the completion of the transaction. It's always very inspiring.

Most of all I love working with residential real estate, I see a special magic in helping clients purchase a house - a place where they will live, build their life and family.

Buying a home is always a very special, very important decision. And I am glad to generously share my knowledge and experience in order to make this process as clear, comfortable and successful as possible for clients.

In the company, I have gone from a beginner, dealing with rental properties, to a professional, selling exclusive residential properties and large commercial properties.

Now I am a mentor for beginner brokers in the company and I am engaged in an international project in the company.

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