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Hello! My name is Alina, and I am one of the “old-timers” of the Mercury Group: I have been working in the company for over 14 years. I am engaged not only in the sale and rental of premium properties, but also in training and motivating new colleagues - agents.

I really appreciate and love our friendly team, which you can always rely on, share experiences, and just enjoy talking outside of work.

Most of all, I like to sell residential real estate “for myself”, which allows me to feel the story of each client individually as much as possible!

Help not just in buying real estate, but with moving to Latvia: with the choice of a kindergarten or school, and with recommendations on any domestic issues: from buying a car to choosing a therapist.

In such cases, perhaps being the very first reliable contact in Riga, it is important to set the client on a positive wave of our country and its advantages - compactness, quiet life, unique nature, and excellent European service.

As a result of a personal approach, most of our customers stay in touch for many years on business and personal issues and give excellent recommendations to their friends and acquaintances.

I am a very open and direct person, I prefer to act immediately than to plan for a long time. In my free time I like to travel and spend time in nature.

That is why my favorite places in Riga are parks, especially Kronvalda Park, located near the embassy area. I advise all guests of Riga to take a walk there on a hot summer day

See you!

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