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Hi, my name is Paulina, and I have been part of the Mercury Group team since 2016.

Having a technical mindset, after school I went to study at the Riga Technical University, where I received a Master's degree in civil engineering.
Two years later, my desire to communicate more with people and be associated with real estate led me to the friendly Mercury Group family.
The education I received gives me the opportunity to evaluate real estate for a client not only visually, but also from a technical perspective.

When I started working at Mercury Group, I was involved in the relocation of international employees. Understanding that I am the first person they meet in our country, it was very important for me to help them solve not only the housing issue but also to accompany them at other stages of integration into the country, talking about the features and nuances of solving everyday issues, making the moment of moving interesting and exciting.

Now I am an expert in sales and investment in premium segment properties, and also train new staff.

I am a responsible, creative, and purposeful person, focused on an individual approach and good results.

Each client is a unique story with its own unique path, from the initial idea to the final implementation, which we go through together with clients, becoming close friends for many years.

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