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Renovated Konventa Sta Hotel: History and a New Beginning in Old Riga


In the heart of Old Riga, the renovated hotel complex Konventa Sta Hotel has opened its doors. After six years of reconstruction, this historical gem has found a new life, preserving its unique appearance while introducing modern comfort.

From Past to Present

The Konventa Sta Hotel complex has a rich history spanning over seven centuries. Initially a monastery complex, then a hospital, and finally a hotel—the buildings of the complex have witnessed many historical events. In 2017, AmberStone Hotels took on the commitment to revive the historical appearance of Konventa Sta, signing a 30-year lease agreement with SIA Rgas nami.

Extensive Reconstruction

The reconstruction, completed at the end of 2023, was carried out with the utmost attention to preserving the historical heritage of the complex. A total of 9 buildings were restored, including 161 rooms and 4 conference halls. The restoration touched both interiors and facades, using high-quality materials and technologies.

Modern Comfort

As a result of the reconstruction, the hotel meets the highest standards of comfort and functionality. In one of the hotel wings, the exquisite restaurant Two More Beers has opened, offering European cuisine and craft beer. At the designer cafe Cruffins, guests can enjoy fresh pastries and aromatic coffee.

Innovations and Technology

In addition to updated design, the reconstruction included modernization of internal engineering systems, replacement of external communications, and implementation of modern technologies. To ensure guest convenience, a ramp for people with limited mobility has been created in the complex.

Landscape Design

Special attention was paid to landscaping around the hotel complex. Landscape design carefully preserved the historical appearance of the garden and picturesque streets, creating an atmosphere of seclusion and tranquility.

Keystone Collection

Konventa Sta Hotel became the first hotel in the Keystone Collection network created by AmberStone Hotels. The company plans to build a new 4-star aparthotel Carillon Aparthotel and a 4-star hotel in the Old Town, which will also be part of this network.

Investments and Future

Approximately 15 million euros were invested in the reconstruction of the hotel complex. This indicates that Konventa Sta Hotel not only revives historical heritage but also represents an important contribution to the development of Riga's hotel industry. With its updated appearance and modern comfort, the hotel promises to provide unforgettable experiences for both city guests and locals.

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