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For sale 2-level apartments in the new project "OSU 2"

Location: Jurmala and region / Dzintari / Osu
Size: 17.1 - 73.7 m2
Number of apartments: 36
Rooms: 1 - 3
Floor: 1 - 2 Elevator
Price: 53000 EUR - 189000 EUR
Heating: gas
Maintenance: 1.80 Eur/ m2 living space
Alarm system:
By the river/lake/sea:


City life in harmony with nature. Cozy apartments in Jurmala overlooking the river are located in Jurmala near the sea. Prestigious neighborhood with developed infrastructure.

There are 36 apartments with different layouts to choose from. All apartments on the first floor have an individual courtyard, where you can gather with family and friends in the fresh air, grow flowers or just enjoy nature. All apartments on the second floor have picturesque views of the forest and river.

The apartments are sold with full finishing.
High ceilings on the first floor 3.20 meters. , on the second floor 4.00 m.
Spacious parking lot for residents' cars, optimal price level for apartments
One free parking space for apartments priced from 99 000,00 euros.

OSU 2 are cozy apartments with ergonomic layouts, large panoramic windows and modern designer repair. 

We have access to all apartments for sale in this project. For the latest information on current apartments and prices, please contact us.

Milana Rimsha

Rental and Sales Associate in Jurmala
GSM: +37126322292, E-mail: [email protected]

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Milana Rimsha

Rental and Sales Associate in Jurmala

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Today Jurmala is one of the most investment-attractive cities in Europe. It doesn't matter what happens to the exchange rate, gold or oil. Real estate in Jurmala remains a "safe haven", the value of which is only increasing.

Why is it profitable for a non-resident to invest in real estate in Jurmala?

Real estate in Jurmala is a great investment opportunity for both investors and end-buyers. The Jurmala real estate market is one of the most stable in Latvia. Any economic or political events have less impact on it than on other segments. This is primarily due to the natural attractiveness and attractiveness of this place. People came and will come here to live and relax, no matter what.

Real estate in Jurmala can be rented out at 4-7% per annum while choosing a flexible lease term. You can rent the property for a long-term period, or a short-term one - in order to be able to use it in a period convenient for you, and rent it out the rest of the time.

The main advantage of Jurmala is a well-groomed Baltic beach and a developed social infrastructure, which includes everything necessary for a comfortable and varied high-quality life. The presence of equipped parks, the proximity of entertainment facilities and international schools make Jurmala one of the best places in Europe for the well-being of children.

The most popular objects of social infrastructure in Jurmala:

    The largest water park in the Baltics "Livu";

    Latvian Yacht Club;

    Tennis courts (open and closed);

    Concert Hall "Dzintari";

    High cuisine restaurants;

    Bulduri dendrological park;

    Jurmala Mezhapark;

    International Schools (King's College Latvia, Exupery International School)

    Outlet Via Jurmala;

    Ķemeri National Park – 24 km

Convenient transport infrastructure: the centre of Riga is only 15-25 minutes by car, comfortable train, minibus

No other region of Latvia offers such comfort, security and excellent infrastructure as Jurmala.

Read about obtaining a residence permit in Latvia when buying real estate in Jurmala here.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Jurmala, and here’s why:

Silence. Sea. Iodized sea air. Soft sun. This is climate therapy.

Only in Jurmala, you can find a beach, a pine forest, a concert hall, cafes, restaurants and promenades in one place, suitable for both social gatherings and sports and health walks.

The morning begins with the singing of birds and the sound of pine trees. The city is slow. There is no need to rush anywhere. Jurmala is surrounded by comfortable cycling and walking paths and paths that run through the forest, in the dunes, along the beach and along the trails.

Thanks to the comfortable climate, you can relax in Jurmala all year round. It has a temperate maritime climate. The weather is always mild and attracts those who do not like extreme temperatures.

Jurmala is attractive not only in the summer season. Walking along the coast and inhaling the healing smell of pines and the sea is pleasant and healthy at any time of the year. It is for this reason that there are many sanatoriums and spa centres on the territory of Jurmala.

Jurmala received the status of a recreational resort town not only for the excellent natural conditions for recovery but also for its close location to Riga, where there are thousands of ways to have fun. At the same time, there is also something to do in Jurmala itself. One of the most famous places in the resort is the Dzintari Concert Hall. It hosts international music and humour festivals, jazz evenings, and concerts of classical and pop music.

The architecture of Jurmala deserves special attention. Art Nouveau wooden houses were designed and built by German and Latvian architects in the early 20th century. More than 400 city buildings and more than 4 thousand wooden houses in Jurmala are protected by the state as historically significant.

Jurmala consists of 14 coastal villages. The most popular are Majori, Dzintari and Bulduri. It is in these areas that the largest selection of hotels, villas and apartments, as well as new premium properties available for purchase. If you like to be in the epicentre of events, take a closer look at the Maiori area. The central street of Jurmala Jomas is laid here, on which there are numerous restaurants, and shops with Latvian products and resort life is in full swing. There are also SPA centres and the famous Dzintari concert hall. In addition, housing is in great demand in the districts of Dubulti, Dzintari, Melluzhi, Pumpuri and Asari. Most of these apartments are located very close to the sea coast. And, of course, you can also find attractive properties in other areas of Jurmala.

Jurmala is truly the pearl of the Baltics. If you appreciate its beauty and want to invest in real estate in Jurmala, contact Mercury group Ltd and we will find for you the house, apartment or villa of your dreams.

Mercury Group Ltd has been operating in the real estate market of Jurmala for over 20 years and provide our clients with a full range of services for the sale/purchase/rent of any property.

- Excellent location in a green area on the bank of the Lielupe River
- Prestigious neighborhood with developed infrastructure
- "Family" format of housing - only 36 apartments
- Modern renovation and furnishing of apartments
- High transport accessibility (bus 3 min., train 15 min.)
- Spacious parking lot for residents' cars
- Optimal price level for apartments
- One free parking space for apartments priced from 99 000,00 euros.

Open map

Floor Space2 Terrace/Balcony Rooms Buy (EUR) Status    
1 1 42.6 - 2 119000 Available
1 2 69.2 - 3 179000 Available
1 3 68.4 - 2 - Sold
1 4 17.1 - 1 - Sold
1 5 73.7 - 2 - Sold
1 6 32.5 - 1 - Sold
1 7 32.5 - 1 89000 Available
1 8 32.2 - 1 - Sold
1 9 32.4 - 1 - Sold
1 10 32.4 - 1 89000 Available
1 11 32.7 - 1 89000 Available
1 12 33.2 - 1 89000 Available
1 14 37.8 - 1 112000 Available
1 14 37.8 - 1 112000 Available
1 15 37.8 - 1 112000 Available
1 16 37.5 - 1 112000 Available
1 17 37.9 - 1 112000 Available
1 18 32.5 - 1 84000 Available
1 20 34.6 - 1 99000 Available
2 21 17.2 - 1 - Sold
2 22 73.2 - 2 179000 Available
2 23 34.4 - 1 92000 Available
2 24 34.8 - 1 92000 Available
2 25 34.9 - 1 92000 Available
2 26 34.9 - 1 92000 Available
2 27 34.9 - 1 92000 Available
2 28 35.6 - 1 92000 Available
2 29 36.3 - 1 104000 Available
2 31 36.2 - 1 109000 Available
2 32 35.1 - 1 109000 Available
2 33 35.3 - 1 109000 Available
2 34 35.2 - 1 109000 Available
2 35 35.4 - 1 109000 Available
2 36 30.4 - 1 95000 Available

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